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If you are a returning site member and wonder why your membership has been cancelled, it's because you may be using a new email address that was not updated in your profile.

If I receive numerous bounce-back emails over a long period, I eventually delete the member name. Please feel free to sign up again with new your new email!

Members, be sure to keep your email address current to continue to receive future notifications.

Welcome to my Buttons & Butterflies site!


My public face-up commissions are currently CLOSED.

Basic commission information is available to read in my main Menu. I often take long breaks from posting open public slots in order to accomplish other things.

An FYI for members ... my site host sometimes has glitches in sending out member notifications. As a result, I might not be able to notify members ahead of time when new slots will available.

Check this Home page and Menu periodically to see if I have updated any commission news.


I am currently in process of updating my site overall, plus developing various doll items to sell in "The Butterflies Boutique" shop I have added back to my main Menu above. I will no longer be adding any tangible creations to sell in my Etsy shop, just the digital patterns that can be downloaded quickly.

My "Contact Me" button below has my new email if you wish to contact me privately. I am no longer using my previous gmail address.


While visiting my site, please feel free to browse through former gallery photos of previous work. In the "Ellowyne" menu category above you will find most of my elaborate sewing creations, along with my original poetry. Many of the vinyl fashion dolls represented were painted by my daughter Wendy during the years we collaborated together.

If you would like to view the artistry of my own advanced face-ups (painting with watercolor pencils and dry pastel chalk) on BJD's (ball-jointed resin dolls) over the past few years, you will find my multiple photo albums at the link below.[email protected]/albums


Thank you for stopping by and your interest in my work ... hope you have a great day!


Contact Me