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This page contains ensembles for various dolls I no longer own or sew for.

12" Tonner Alice / 12" Ruby Red Senson

 Me & Pierre ~Girls Club #2

Everywhere I go today I'll bring Pierre with me.

Freshly bathed and nicely combed, a very pretty "he".

In the Market Square, I know, he'll be a lively pup ~

Lots of love, he's sure to get, now that he's all dressed up!

© June 2008

Country Flowers ~ Girls Club #1

Color me purple. Tickle me pink.

In the bright sunlight my eyes start to blink.

Wiggling my bare toes, in the soft grass,

picking bright flowers as slowly I pass.

Dreaming, contented, on this warm day.

I love to wander the meadows and play.

© April 2008

Summer Sets

June 2008

16" Tonner Raven

(Tyler size)

(Later modified & sold for Ellowyne Wilde)

Country Flirt ~ Romance #1

Do you feel the breezes wafting through the sunlit meadow warm?

Do you smell the dampened foliage from a recent thunderstorm?

Do you hear the songbirds singing bright, contented melodies?

Do you see the rampant color in the newly blossomed trees?

Come with me, let's linger here and taste a kiss of love sincere...

© May 2008

12" Tonner Alice / 12" Ruby Red Senson

Reversible Celtic & Medieval Gown #1

June 2007