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(2 color versions)

Butterfly Kisses ~ Romance #2

Butterfly kisses, a rainbow of wishes; light gentle breezes that waft through my hair.

Billowing clouds tinged with pink, blue and purple; sunsets of wonder, so wistful and fair.

Long lazy days ~ for the summer still lingers; I'm in no hurry to bid my adieus ...

I love moonlit evenings, a stroll in the garden, a boardwalk, a beach, or a cafe's millieu.

© 2011 Karen Beukema

(2 color versions)

Blossom ~ Romance #1

Blossoming youth, like the promise of Spring, soaring with hope like a bird on the wing.

Waiting and wond'ring with time yet ahead, of what life shall bring, oh come "joy" and not dread...

Will I be tall like a towering pine? Will I climb high like a tendrilous vine?

Will I be wise, will my soul act with care? Will I be slow to step into a snare?

Will I be pretty, (just wond'ring, you know), although it won't matter as far as Love goes.

I daydream and wonder, my thoughts wide asunder ...

and hope I'll be ready, prepared, strong and steady.

© 2011 Karen Beukema